7* Whatsapp Group Games :New, Funny Puzzles Group Texting Games to play to with Friends!

WhatsApp Group Games and Puzzles Group Texting Games: You might have heard a lot about the WhatsApp games and puzzles that are played in a group every now and then. But don’t you think that you are probably playing the outdated games which are played since 2013? 😀 If you want to update the WhatsApp group games and WhatsApp puzzles in your group, then you have arrived at the right place!!!

Best Funny, Cool, Puzzle, Crazy WhatsApp Group Games

Today, we are going to display the best collection of WhatsApp group games. So turn your group chat on before you start playing these WhatsApp games from our list.

We have tried our best to display the games which you will enjoy the most 🙂 But if at all you feel that we have not listed the best of WhatsApp games, then you share some spicy games in the comments box as well. 😀 So first let’s have a look at the WhatsApp group games which you can play with your friends and family members.

WhatsApp Group Games

Whatsapp Group Texting Games:

So let’s start the countdown of the best games to play on WhatsApp. Not making you wait anymore, here is the top 5 list of WhatsApp games 🙂

#1 Break Down the Words:

Now this could be mind game because you need to break the words in such a way that each and every word make some sense. Didn’t get it? Let me explain you in detail.

Say, you took the word ‘entertainment’. So now if you break down entertainment in 2 parts, it becomes entertain and ment. In that case, entertain makes sense but the ment word is not in the dictionary 🙁 Of course, it can be used as an adjective for many words. So it can be accepted. Words like struggle, happy, live, love cannot be split. Therefore, you need to find some relevant words which can be split or have suffixes/prefixes. See who can split your given words and have fun with your group.

WhatsApp Group Games

#2 Guess the Movie Name:

Now this is one of the latest Whatsapp Group Games you haven’t heard about. Isn’t it? Of course, you might have tried it by playing drum shell arts but in WhatsApp it’s completely different. Once your group is all set to play the game, you as an admin need to give some hints of the movie, just like actor name, actresses name, song name & location, actresses name and date of birth blah blah…Just post some hints in the group and see who gives the perfect answer according to your hint 😀

Guess the Movie WhatsApp Group Game

This is one of the perfect Whatsapp Groups Games when you are really bored or want yourself to make happy. This WhatsApp game tests your IQ and makes your brain exercise more. So it is good to play instead of chatting with friends.

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#3 Fill in the Blank:

Remember your early school days when you used to fill in the blanks? Just like this one P_R_A_N. The answer is PERTAIN.  These words could go tough as you are not a kid anymore 🙂 Isn’t it? By doing such, you can increase your word power and also the vocabulary. Besides fun, you can also test your knowledge and see how much powerful you are at English by playing WhatsApp games.

Fill in the Space WhatsApp Group Games

The above-given examples in the image are just examples. You can try some hard words which can take your thinking to next level. If you are the one who is setting up the questions, you must be super excited about the game. Isn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Go for it now!

#4 Play With Names

Say, for example, a member in a group said the name, John. So the last letter in John was ‘N’. The next name will be Nivea which starts with N. And the name Nivea ends with ‘A’. The next name would be something like Angelina 😛

Name Game WhatsApp Group Game

So this is how the game goes on. Keep playing until all the names starting with each letter get completed. Believe me, I have played this personally and found the best in this WhatsApp Group Texting  games list. I hope that you will love it too.

#5 Explore the Funny Abbreviations

If you are new to WhatsApp or any social media platform, this game is for you. There are many abbreviations which you might not be aware of. Just like, LOL, OMG, TTYL, ROFL etc. Play a game with funny Abbreviations like WTF, I know what’s the meaning of that 😛 Do you?

Funny Abbreviations

Those who are new to WhatsApp games, this is really an interesting game. If you are well experienced with WhatsApp games and want to try something different than these abbreviations, you can go technical as well.

So this completes the list of top 5 WhatsApp group games.If you want more fun while chatting in Whatsapp Groups, you can play some crazy, funny, puzzle Whatsapp Group Games But that doesn’t complete the post yet.

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There’s still a lot in it. Do check out some of the most exciting WhatsApp puzzles with answers right here!

WhatsApp Puzzles Games

There are lots of WhatsApp puzzles which you might recieve in  your WhatsApp group every now and then. Some of them might be pretty simple and some might be pretty hard to crack. There are many puzzles and games but we have listed the best of all so that you can make the most out of these WhatsApp games and puzzles.

WhatsApp Puzzles with Answers

But don’t worry, we have got some of the best WhatsApp puzzles with answers for you. Here’s the list of top 5 WhatsApp puzzle with answers.

#1 Guess the State Name

Guess USA State Name Puzzle

Just save the image and forward it in your WhatsApp group. Wait for few minutes and you might get correct answers and some funny answers as well through these whatsapp puzzles. 😀

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#2 Identify the Bike Name

Identify the Bike Names in WhatsApp Puzzle

Those who are interested in bikes and are crazy about the racing bikes, WhatsApp puzzles is just for you. Play it and identify the bike names of all the listed above.

#3 Guess the Musical Instruments

Musical Instrument Puzzle

If you have less idea about the musical instruments, then this could be real game turner in your WhatsApp group. It might be quite difficult to solve the musical instrument WhatsApp puzzles, if you are not aware of the names.

#4 IPL Players’ Name

IPL Players Name WhatsApp Puzzles

Guess your favorite IPL player from this WhatsApp puzzles given above. I am sure, you are going to find it hard. I have solved this. But I bet, you can’t solve it 😛

#5 Which Bank is This?

Bank Name Puzzle

Guess the bank names from the above puzzle and see how many of these WhatsApp puzzles can you answer or the other group members can answer it.

So this ends the list of top 5 WhatsApp puzzles games but not with answers. Because if we provide the answers, what would be the real fun in it? 😛 So make the list of WhatsApp puzzles with answers from our blog and share it with your friends too. Have fun!!!


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