5 Best Sites to Watch Movies online Free | Movie Websites 2016

Watch Movies online Free: Are you the person whose life is completely spent at the office in weekdays and will be eagerly waiting for the weekend to arrive to chill out something. Well, this article is especially for this kind of people and others can also read. What are you planning to set on your weekend? Well, sports? Gaming? any other stuff? If you want to sit back and chill at home, this article will serve you the best possible way to do that because in this article we will be guiding you through the Best Free Movie Streaming Sites 2016. There are many online movie streaming websites, but in our list, we handpicked the best of all. Let’s get started:

5 Best Sites to Watch Movies online Free


  • Putlockers2: One of the prominent and reliable website which offers you to stream online movies for free. Yes, the website completely offers you free content and the content is far from better. The servers will be updated every day in which they add the latest movies and TV shows which are released in that particular week or day. However, you need to register yourself as a member of the website to access their services. That said, you cannot download the videos as the website offers you only stream online content.


  • Putlockers0: Putlockers0 offers you the same functionalities as that of Putlockers2, but here you need not have to register an account. You can watch the content without signing in or registering to the website, which is brilliant. Putlockers0 easily joins our list of Best Free Movie Streaming Sites 2016.


  • My Download Tube: My Download Tube is relatively a newbie to the market, but it never goes out of contention with other streaming websites. It is worth saying that this website is one of the best looking streaming website available right now. You need not log in to the site in order to access their services and the services are completely free. The website offers you download option as well with which you can save your favorite movie and download it. But, for downloading the movies you need to get an account of My Download Tube which is absolutely free. The one and only download movie website in our list of Best Free Movie Streaming Sites 2016.


  • New Movies Online: New Movies Online is an upstart which was started at the start of 2016. But, it quickly became a serious contender to others. There is nothing fancy with the features offered or another sort of stuff that separates it from others. But, the website is completely reliable and the servers are very fast indeed. That said, no account registration is needed to access the series of New Movie Online and there is no download option which is a bit of a letdown.

 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites 2016

  • Hulu:  Hulu is one of the best movie streaming website of all time. The website is known by many people all over the world because of their beautiful interface and reliable service. Apart from movies, Hulu offers TV serials as well, which is brilliant and that too for free. However, the major drawback for this site is: It is limited to the United States itself and other country users cannot access the website which is a major drawback.

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